Shortlist Issue #2

Cordiner King joins Panorama

We are delighted to announce that we have joined Panorama, an alliance of independent executive search firms active over the world’s major time zones.  Panorama members are leading players in their respective markets and share a like-minded approach to quality work and shared values and ethics. Many Panorama members have significant practices in education, the public sector and health, making the union highly complementary to Cordiner King’s work. Together, Panorama has 22 offices and over 50 partners across Asia Pacific, Europe, and North America.
Stephen Bampfylde, Chairman of Panorama and founder of Saxton Bamfylde in the UK comments, ‘Cordiner King are old friends of ours in the search world; we have known them for a long time and have a very high regard for the work they do. I am personally delighted to welcome them into the Panorama Partnership. We will all benefit from their experience, presence and reputation in the Australian market which will complement the work of our partners in the US, Canada, New Zealand, China, India and the UK.’

The opportunity to be part of Panorama ensures that we continue to provide our clients with the very best global expertise. We are thrilled to join the group and look forward to drawing on our partners’ expertise and building a strong and productive partnership.

We have formalised this partnership with a new brand identity, inclusive of a new logo and re-designed website.

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