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Cordiner King recognises the importance of ensuring and increasing diversity in senior appointments.

Our figures show that our percentages of women, individuals from an ethnic background and people with disabilities actually increase from longlist to shortlist stage, highlighting the way in which we ensure we approach and encourage experienced, credible candidates from all backgrounds.

Three ways in which we uphold this commitment to equality, diversity and inclusivity:

  • The keystone of our approach to diversity is the breadth and thoroughness we are able to offer through our intensive research, meaning that we invest time and effort to uncover the most highly qualified candidates, not simply the most obvious ones.
  • Throughout the research and outreach stage of the project, we are careful to monitor the gender balance of the call list as it develops, ensuring that where possible we are developing a list that is as close to a 50/50 split as possible.
  • There are a number of forums dedicated to promoting and supporting women and BME individuals. We make contact with these to promote the role there; however, in our experience it is direct personal recommendations which have the greatest impact, making our approach to research particularly valuable when it comes to ensuring diversity.

While every search has its nuances with regard to candidate qualifications, reputation and track record, our research always strives towards choice and balance.

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