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Cordiner King are experts in Executive Search specifically for the Higher Education and Public Sectors.
We know where to find leaders.

Higher Education

Our track record in higher education is both broad and deep. Higher education has been an important part of our firm
since its foundation in 1985, and we are proud to work with many of the leading Australian universities. With over three
decades of search experience in the sector, we have helped to secure more than 400 appointments, including 29
Vice-Chancellors at 20 Australian universities.

As a member of Panorama, our clients benefit from the group’s unparalleled strength and reach in the education sector.

Panorama’s members include the premier players in higher education search around the world with a vast stable of clients covering the Ivy League universities, the Russell Group and the U15.

We and our partners have worked in recent years with 15 of the world’s top 20 universities according to the QS rankings. Collectively, we have handled the appointments of over 176 Vice-Chancellors and Heads of Institution globally.

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Public Sector

We have worked extensively across the public sector since our inception almost 30 years ago.

We have a particularly strong government practice and have undertaken national and international searches for chief executives of government agencies in the Commonwealth and all states and territories. Our experience includes leadership appointments with regulators, statutory bodies and government agencies.

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Independent Schools

In the independent schools sector, we have worked with chairs and boards on the appointment of Principals and Heads of Schools.

Since 2005 alone, we have assisted with over 27 senior appointments for Australia’s leading independent co-educational, boys and girls schools, including Principals at 15 of the country’s best known schools and colleges.

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Executive Search

Executive search is recognised as the most effective way to identify, approach and recruit the best and most appropriate senior people to an organisation. What makes us different?

Our partners lead and execute on all searches. The important tasks of speaking to leading industry figures (as helpful sources of information) and approaching prospective candidates are not delegated to junior members of the firm or research staff. Good executive search is about strong networks and the confidence and trust of the market.

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Leadership Advisory

We have a long history in Leadership advisory. Increasingly, our clients are demanding deeper, objective information on their shortlisted candidates to add further insight into selection decisions. In addition to experience and presentation style, clients are rightly interested in a candidates’ potential leadership success: how they think, what motivates them and how they influence and lead. Our in-house team of fully accredited organisational psychology practitioners are fully accredited in the use of psychometric tests and can objectively appraise the shortlisted candidate against these and other personal qualities.

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Board Reviews

Corporate governance is now firmly in the spotlight with shareholders and the public keen to ensure that Boards operate effectively.
Meeting public and regulatory requirements can put significant pressure on ensuring that Boards are delivering. Based on years of experience working with Boards and in the appointment of Chairs and non- executive directors, we have developed an assessment tool which give chairs the objective information they need to run an effective board – with the lowest possible intrusion. Our Board Review is structured around the evaluation of agreed core competencies and detailed discussions with all Board members about how their Board can best improve its collective performance.

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